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Swindler leaves trail of broken hearts, empty wallets – CTV News

Swindler leaves trail of broken hearts, empty wallets – CTV News.

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Stupid People

Prompted by the previous video of the ‘bull fail’, I was looking for other funny videos. I like when things are funny but I don’t see anything funny about people getting hurt unless they were being really stupid in the first place and know ahead of time that they run the risk.
I found this rather disturbing and stupid. The title on the Facebook page was “It’s funny watching ppl slip on ice they didn’t see then laughing at them!!!” Then they’re asking for more fans, I guess meaning more idiots who enjoy other people’s pain. They want to get 150 fans, at least. Someone posted on Feb. 6, “I slipped on ice today, ppl laughed at me.” The reply? “Haaha that’s what u get.” That’s what you get? For what?
The sad part is, there are lots of other a–holes just like them and I would say that each and every one of them is STUPID- and that would be a MILD term for them!

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More from the Yesterday’s Tractors forum – [Modern View]
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I recently moved and had a lot of items that I sold and give away. I advertised that I had 400 “steel T post” and would sell them for $2.00 each. They were new.

I had a guy call that wanted 50 post. When he arrived HE COUNTED post after I did and I gave him 6 rimnent rolls of barbed wire and many other items such as 50 gal. plastic barrels and 5 gal. buckets. He was delighted.

Next day he called and said he was short THREE POSTS 😡

I told him to come back–which he did–and I threw FIVE on his truck and left him standing in my field.

I didn’t speak a word to him ❗ ❗

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