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Television Shows I Didn’t Expect to Like

Benny Hill

British TV! When I was really young, I managed to watch Benny Hill a few times and I say 'managed' because there must not have been any adults around! I did not see any British shows for years until we got satellite -BBC Canada as well as a few local stations – then I watched every episode possible of Midsomer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, Location Location, Build a New Life in the Country amongst others. Since we've moved, though, we're down to 4 stations and only 1 that works well. We need our satellite again.

My daughter now borrows Midsomer Murders DVD's from the local library. Recently, I heard British voices coming from the living room. None other than Coronation Street!

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Top 3 Historic Events I’ve Experienced

S21 / Tuol Sleng museum

When I was 10, our entire school shut down while we gathered around 3 TV sets to watch Paul Henderson score THE GOAL in the 1972 Summit Series against the Central Red Army men's hockey team of Russia. I did not know all these years that the series was officially called the "Friendship Series". Yeah, RIGHT! It should have been but it became more of a :

"Our Way of Life Against Yours" and "Our Country's Better Than Yours" and "Democracy is Better Than Communism" kind of series. It was a series that Canada was supposed to win hands down, without breaking a sweat but the Russians were way too good for that. It was the most exciting thing I've ever watched, including the Olympics!

I'll group the next 2 big events together: the fall of Communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Both meant new hope and a new life for the people of these countries. Not sure that it all worked out like it was supposed to for everyone but at least it was a fresh start.

I'll group the next events together, as well. DEATH. It seemed to be everywhere and constant. Pol Pot in Cambodia -from 1975-1979- 1,700,000 dead. Ethiopia from 1975-1978 : 1,500,000 dead. Afghanistan from 1979-1982 :900,000 dead. Rwanda-1974: 800,000 dead. East Timor from 1966-1998: 800,000 dead. Hussein in Iran from 1980-1990 and Kurdistan from 1987-1988: 600,000 dead. Yugoslavia 1945-1987: 570,000 dead. Angola from 1975-2002: 400,000 dead. Taliban in Afghanistan from 1986-2001: 400,000 dead. Idi Amin in Uganda from 1969-1979: 300,000 dead. Pakistan from 1970-1971: 300,000 dead. This is not all, either. The list goes on…and on…So, I hope that explains why DEATH is one of my choices.

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My Biggest Challenge Right Now

question mark

The biggest problem I'm facing right now is how to do a blog. All the ins and outs, terminology, etc. Then I go online and see others asking a lot of questions and learn from them but also am reassured that I'm not alone!

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On Apologies

free ‘sweet’ hugs

I think that everyone, at some point in life, is owed an apology that they likely will never get. We respond by either never talking about it or never shutting up about it. Either way, we are always deeply affected by it. The bigger question might be – do we ourselves owe one?

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Cities I’d Consider Moving to

Roof @ Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland

Lots of choices, especially places with blue water and warm temperatures, but my ultimate choice would be any smaller cities in Romania. Bucharest would be a little too big and busy but any other. I love the look of the old buildings covered with the orange tiles. Beautiful and I've heard repeatedly that the people are friendly.

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A Celebrity I’d Like to Interview

I would go with Jesus. His answers would always be perfect. In fact, He would know my questions before I asked them and He would never hum and haw…or lie! What will happen on Dec.21, 2012? Is my name in The Book? Is Osama dead? Where's Hitler's body? What was it that you wrote on the ground?

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