Hi! I have another blog where I ‘store’ all the nice stuff. Sometimes, just like you, there are things that piss me off, make me feel bad for others, irked, annoyed, whatever and yes, sometimes that ‘thing’ is myself. At any rate, none of these things would suit my other blog and I just needed somewhere else to put them. My intent is not to name ‘normal’ people or embarass them (they don’t need my help!) Celebrities and any other public figure? Oops! Just can’t help myself then. With so many cameras trained on them, they should know better than to go out without their undies!!

Some things are not really STUPID per say – just silly, not well-thought-out, plain old funny. Still gotta go here! And you can decide which category they go into.

If it seems as though I don’t write enough with some posts, that’s because most videos and pics. are worth 1000 words. In fact, 1000 words can’t explain as well! Sometimes stupidity is self-explanatory!

I’ve started another blog called NICE THINGS. All the nice things of the world. I needed something to counterbalance the stupid things!


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